My Budget Keeper Product Details

1. Track all your family expenses and incomes

It is known from experience, that most of the family budget we expend on small purchases and we even don't know exactly why and where your budget was expended. Everyday food shopping and transport expenses day by day weaken your budget; as a result you waste your money inexpediently. The right way to welfare and stability of your budget is keeping in order your money by tracking all your family expenses and incomes. We introduce you the great software solution for controlling, managing and planning your budget - My Budget Keeper.



2. Personal expense tracker

My Budget Keeper is intended for using in family, so its interface is simple and clear. Moreover, you can employ this tool as a personal expense tracker. Working with My Budget Keeper is easy and intuitively that makes budget tracking more effective with wasting no superfluous time.

3. Totally control all your expenses

The program shows you all available funds and finances inside your family and lets you control all incomes. It indicates amount of the incoming money and the source from which it came, so you can control incoming money deposited by each member of the family.

Furthermore, this utility lets you totally control all your expenses occurred during a specified time period. The program shows you all information about purchases and payments made by different family members. Also you may add some comments for each expense to note the details of the payment (e.g. : "Credit card payment") or purchase type ("personal" or for entire family). My Budget Keeper lets you add family members or persons who participate in budget forming.

4. Plan your budget effectively

The program allows you to plan your budget effectively. Simply add planned expenses and incomes and then you may include them into your budget or not. Planning of expenses and incomes will help you to keep your budget in balance.

One of the distinguishing features of My Budget Keeper is the ability of using several currencies for money calculations. It is perfectly suits for the countries where another foreign currency is used in addition to the national currency. Adding currencies is easy in My Budget Keeper: all you need to do is to click once to add a new currency, and then enter its name, description and exchange rate.

5. Detailed statistics of all you budget expenses/incomes

The unique My Budget Keeper feature is the detailed statistics of all you budget expenses/incomes and the persons who held them. All statistics may be shown for a specified time period (day, month or year) in a convenient and clear form - reports with graphs available. There are several types of reports: "The Persons report" shows expenses/incomes accounting to each family member. So, it is visually shown who expend or make more money in entire family. Also, you can see what part of the family income goes toward family purchases.

6. Be free of all financial troubles

"The Expenses report" lets you monitor family expenses, trace spending habits inside your family and spy on where most of the money goes to. Moreover, it allows you compare your expenses month-to-month basis. The other two reports are "The Incomes report" and "The Incomes/Expenses report", those are useful when you need to monitor all your incomes or to compare Incomes with Expenses. Extra options for customizing graphs are available.

In closing, My Budget Keeper will spare your time and money due to its simple and uncomplicated interface providing maximum usability. The program is always at hand and you don't need to write down on paper all expenses you made when you'll go shopping next time. Trust your budget to My Budget Keeper and be free of all financial troubles. My Budget Keeper is a shareware program and you need to pay a fee to get a registered version. We know how you are taking care about your family's welfare; therefore we've set maximum low price on such useful software product.