My Budget Keeper Customer Testimonials

Look what our customers are saying about the Budget Keeper


"I have evaluated a few similar products and this tool is the only one that requires no referring to a manual to perform the most obvious tasks. It is very clear from the interface how to use this software and very easy too."

Sharon Munroe

"An easy, simple and direct way to view data in a meaningful way is also a great attribute of your tool that other similar softwares lacks."

Ben Roberts

"Being able to assign expenses to a person is a wonderful feature I did not see in other tools I evaluated."

Janet Merrill

"My Budget Keeper helps me organize information about my expenses and incomes, now I can easily control my family budget."

Suzanne Pennington

"My Budget Keeper makes the budgeting easy and effortless."

Lance Nichols

"My Budget Keeper is the tool I've been dreaming of: it quickly and easily organizes my family expenses and incomes."

Mark Avila


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